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Create Employee Clock IN - Clock OUT short-cut
Create Employee Clock IN - Clock OUT short-cut

Employee Clock IN - Clock OUT allows to generate Timesheet Report. It is a separate CSE Payroll function, not integrated with POS-Register.

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1. Login to your CStore Essentials Account,

2. Go To Payroll >

3. Select Settings

4. Copy the "Link for employee clockIn"

a. Now go to your Computer Desktop and Right-Click

b. Select New and Click Shortcut

c. Under Type the location of the Item: Paste the copied link

d. Click Next to continue

e. Under Type a name for this shortcut: Enter "Employee Clock IN - Clock Out"

f. Click Finish

*Now you should find the Shortcut on Desktop, for Employees to Clock IN - Clock Out on Daily basis, without being Login into the CStore Essentials Account.

Click below Link, To Add New employee in your Payroll dashboard

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