Add and Map Coupon
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Steps to Add Coupon:

1. Login into your CStore Essentials Account,

2. Go To Other Entries >

3. Select Settings >

4. Click General Accounts Tab

5. on the right Click + sign / Add New Item

6. Enter "Coupon" under Account name field

7. Click Add loan account

(may also Add Coupon from Daily Report > General Account Payout: field)

Steps to Map Coupon:

1. Go To POS Data >

2. Select Settings >

3. Click Tender type Tab

4. Find the Register tender type ID for Coupon (must be already Sync from Register)

5. on the right Click on pencil sign /

6. Set Day report mapping to General Account and

7. Set General account and Name field to "Coupon"

8. Click Update

*Now Coupon Amount will upload automatically into Daily Report > General Account Payout: field

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