* Note:

  • Follow below steps only if you have Added like New Departments/IDs on POS-Register

  • Do Not Auto Sync, incase if you have completely changed the existing Departments/IDs on the POS-Register.

  • This may mess-up your CStore Essentials Price Book, incase if it already contains existing Departments and Items.

  • Contact CStore Essentials Support for any further questions or clarification.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Go to your BackOffice Computer (the one connected to POS-Register)

  2. On Desktop find POSLink shortcut

  3. Launch POSLink Application, by DoubleClick or RightClick->Open

  4. Click * Settings Icon on Top-Right

  5. Select "Upload Register Settings"

  6. Now it will Auto Sync Register's Departments, Tax IDs, Fuel IDs, Tender Types etc. and will Upload into CStore Essentials

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