Reset Lottery

To Delete All the Lottery Data, and Start fresh. It Deletes All Lottery Readings and Reports

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  1. Login to your CStore Essentials account

  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto >

  3. Select Settings

  4. Under Lottery Advanced Settings Click Reset Lottery button

  5. Select Delete Readings Only or Delete Readings and Games and Click Reset

  6. Once done Click Close

Note: *Delete Readings Only, Deletes All the Lottery Entries and its Reports.

Delete Readings and Games, Deletes All including All the Imported/Added Games.

To do this you will require Highest level User Access, like Owner/Supervisor/Manager

If there are more than 5 days worth of data. Unable to perform delete from frontend,

then reach CStore Essentials Support and we can Reset Lottery from Backend

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