CStore Essentials System automatically detects and blocks Items with incomplete information, being Sent to POS-Register. Item Name, Department, Tax Type and Price are mandatory Item Details. This fields should not be blank or Price should not be Set to 0 or -ve. This scenario usually or may have occurred while uploading Register's Price Book into CStore Essential.

Follow below Steps to find and correct the Ignored Items with CSE Price Book:

1. Go To Price Book > Sent to POS: Copy the UPC Barcode, from Ignored Item list

2. Again Go To Price Book >

3. Select Items >

4. Paste the UPC Barcode into Scan Code field and Click Search

5. Once you find the Item, Click pencil sign on the Right

6. Correct or make sure Item Name, Department, Tax Type and Price are properly Set

7. Click Update Item button

5. Go back to Price Book > Sent to POS: Now you should be able to Send particular Item to POS-Register.

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