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Configuring your Passport POS-Register
Configuring your Passport POS-Register

Recommended Configuration Settings on Passport POS. To generate & fetch required DayClose, LiveData files and perform Sent to POS Operations

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Step by Step instructions

Step 1: Go your Passport register and log in to the highest level access.

Step 2: Select the following tabs: Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Back Office > Back Office Interface

Step 3: Click on the drop down menu labeled "Interface Format" and select "NACS XML v3.4".

Step 4: Under the tab "Document Generation" there are two columns, "Store Close" and "Shift Close", on the "Store Close" column click on all the rows. On the "Shift Close" column make sure nothing is selected.

Step 5: Check mark three options under "Generation Options"

  1. Generate Transaction Level Detail (PJR)

  2. Generate Acknowledgement Files

  3. Drop UPC Check Digit

Step 6: Click on the "XML Gateway Polling Options" tab and check mark the option "Enable XML Gateway File Polling".

Then, enter the username and password along with the directory paths as followed:

  • Username: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

  • Password: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

  • Directory Path to Pull XML Files From: Z:\BoOutBox\

  • Directory Path to Pull XML Files To: Z:\BoInBox\

Step 7: Select the "XML File Import Options" and select the option "The Back Office Sends a Value of 0 for the base item in the POSCodeModifier tag"

Step 8: Once you click on save, click OK on the top message, Yes on the second and Yes on the third.

Step 9: When Done, you'll be directed back to the POS screen - otherwise click on POS screen and at this point you are done with the Passport Back Office settings

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