The Passport system logs can retain store data for review by corporate management

and/or technical staff.

The amount of data stored by the system is dependent on how these logging options are configured.

The nightly purge process will use the values in these fields to determine which old entries are to be purged from the database.

Step by Step instructions:

Step 1: Go to your Passport Register and Login with the highest level access.

Step 2: Select the following tabs:

Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Store Options > Logging Tab

Step 3: Under Store Logging Options:

Set "Days worth of detailed sales", to 15 or 30


Set "Days worth of Reports", to 15 or 30

Step 4: Click Save


1- Incase if you have additional BackOffice Or 3rd party program Configured with your POS-Register, then it is recommended to Save Backup 'Not More Than' 15 Days.

2- Depending on the logging parameters specified above, there can be an impact on system performance due to the amount of days of data being stored.

3- The nightly purge process must be performed before any changes made to the

logging options will come into effect

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