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Altria Pricebook Integration
Altria Pricebook Integration
Written by Brandon Mixon
Updated over a week ago

Available to all customers in a Standard: Store Operations or Tobacco Loyalty plan.

Store owners and operators have told us it takes multiple hours each month to update each store's tobacco pricing. CStore Essentials has partnered with Altria, using their new price promotion API. C-Store Essentials has provided our customers with a tool that will allow them to update their tobacco pricing with a click of a button.

In order to use Altria's pricebook integration, you must sign Altria's AGDC Price Promotion API found in DocBox at or contact your Altria representative for more information on the consent form.

Integration Setup

Navigate to the Integrations Page in the CStore Essentials application
Click the Manage Account icon and select Integrations.

From the integrations page Location Altria Pricebook Integration
Click Connect

In the Altria Pricebook Integration window

Your CStore Essentials store address must match the Altria store address and RCN number to enable this integration

Manage Account icon and select Manage My Store

  1. Enter your Altria RCN number.

  2. Click the Connect button.

Once completed, the Altria Pricebook Integration toggle is activated, and the date the integration was activated is displayed under the toggle.

Updating Pricebook Data with the Altria Pricebook Integration

When new Altria pricing is available, a red notification dot appears on the Notification

Bell at the top of your application inside will be a notification for New Altria Tobacco Pricing.

Price changes will only show for items currently in your pricebook. Pricebook integration will not add new items to your pricebook.


To update Pricebook Data with new Altria tobacco pricing data

  1. Click the "New Altria Tobacco Pricing." notification.

  2. On the top of your Manage Pricebook items page, review price changes by selecting the "Review New Prices" link in the new Altria banner

  3. Review all new price changes and if you agree with these updates click the "Update Prices" button. This will update all pricing matched in your pricebook with Altria's max suggested retail pricing.

You have the option to discard or snooze these prices. CStore Essential will never make a change to your pricebook without your consent or action!

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