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Inventory Management Best Practices:
Inventory Management Best Practices:

A Guide to Inventory Adjustment and Zero Out

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Please follow these steps for inventory adjustment:

  1. Navigate to Price Book > Inventory by Item > Item Inventory Adjustment: Alternatively, you can use the CStore Essentials Mobile App's 'Take Inventory' option, where you scan the product and enter the count.

  2. Adjust the inventory for a specific department, such as 'CIGARETTE'.

    Ensure that the adjustment is made on the same day before day closing to maintain accuracy.

  3. After adjusting the inventory, you can zero out the inventory for the same department.

    Go to Price Book > Inventory by Item > Item Inventory Adjustment > Zero Out Inventory:


When you adjust the inventory for an item and then click on 'Zero Out Inventory,' that item will not appear because the correct adjustment has already been made.

This process ensures that after adjusting the count for a department, like the Cigarette department, the 'Zero Out Inventory' will only display items that were not adjusted because they are no longer in the store.


  • If you choose to zero out inventory, make sure to do it on the same day as the Inventory Adjustment date. This is essential to prevent all adjustments and inventory counts from being zeroed out.

  • Zero out inventory should be completed before Register Day Close and after the Inventory Adjustment is done.

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