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How to Return Partially Sold Game Packs
How to Return Partially Sold Game Packs

When a Game Pack been partially sold and is being returned/closed out

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Return Partially Sold Game Packs

When scratch-off games are discontinued, the gaming commission will pick up the games and close them out. To close out Partially Sold Packs and stop continuing them on your Lottery > Day Closing, follow these steps.

Step: A

  1. Login to your CStore Essentials account

  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto >

  3. Select Day/Shift Closing

  4. Choose required Date and Click on pencil-sign to edit report

  5. Under 'Lottery ticket sales' page, find particular Game Pack, that is being returned

  6. and Click Mark if Sold Out

  7. Let the Sold Out Game Pack reflect into Lottery ticket Sales - Total Amount

Step: B

  1. Now Go to Day Closing >

  2. Select Store

  3. Click on pencil-sign to edit report

  4. Under Lottery Tickets Sold > Scratch-off sales: make sure it has correct Total Amount

  5. Under Lottery/Lotto Reading > Adjustment: enter the Adjustment Amount that you received from Lottery Commission

  6. Adjustment Amount entered will help adjust and balance the Scratch-off sales: Under Lottery Tickets Sold

Note: Follow above steps for only those games that have been activated and are being returned.

For Returning Discontinued Unactivated Packs from the back stock, follow below Link

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