List out Current and Past Live Data Transactions Summary, Transactions Detail. Short list Void, No Sales, Line Void and Refund
  1. Login to your CStore Essentials account

  2. Click Live Data on the Top-Left Corner (By default, you will find all the Live Transactions from the Current Date)

  3. Under Transaction Summary select a particular transaction to find it's Transaction Detail on the right

  4. Under Transaction Summary use default All Type or Set it to Void / No Sale / Line Void / Refund to short particular Transactions

  5. From Top-Right use < Date > option to pull All Past Transactions by Date

  6. Under Transaction Summary use default All Store or Set required Store to see All Transactions from particular Store. (only if you have more than 1 store)


Inorder to view Live Data Transactions for multiple Stores, from same Account, first you will require to Link All the Stores.

Please follow below article inorder to Link multiple stores,

Link My Stores to One Account

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