CStore Essentials calculates Department or Merchandise Net Sales, based on the Gross Sales and Discounts data collected out of Passport Register.

Incase if Passport Register is configured to Calculate Net Sales for Departments, then the Discounts will get deducted twice. First at the Register's end and later again on Back Office side.

For CStore Essentials to Calculate Merchandise Sales and Discounts correctly, into 'Daily Report' and 'Department Sales Report', perform following Steps,

Step 1: Go to your Passport register and log in to the highest level access.

Step 2: Select the following tabs: Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Back Office > Back Office Interface

Step 3: Under "Generation Options"

Step 4: Make sure to UnCheck 'Calculate Net Sales for Merchandise Code Movement and Item Sales Movement'

Step 5: Once you click on save, click OK on the top message, Yes on the second and Yes on the third.

Step 6: When Done, you'll be directed back to the POS screen - otherwise click on POS screen and at this point you are done with the Passport Back Office settings

  • Once you finish 'unchecking' the above option, the Passport Register will Start generating Gross Merchandise Sales at End of the Day Close.

  • You may try Turn-Off and Turn-On POS-Register, if required.

For reference please look into our below Help Center Article/Video,


Configuring your Passport POS-Register

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